The average MSRP for a car in the US has reached a new height, $37,577. As manufacturer’s stuff more gadgetry and power underneath flashy sheet metal, I’m left wondering why anyone would spend that amount of money on a new car. Now, it should also be mentioned that this price takes into account all light vehicles, which encompasses everything from a Kia Rio to a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

This got me thinking about the used car market. I picked up my car for $5,700 with 53,300 miles on it, four years ago. While I am by no means, ready to put nearly 38 grand down on a new set of wheels, this got me thinking about how many other cars you could buy for that amount of money. Instead of a Chevy Traverse LT, you could have a whole fleet of vehicles. So with a budget of $37,577, here is my list of vehicles that I would buy instead of buying one new car.

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Small Cars and SUVs Dominated The New York International Auto Show

Small cars and SUVs dominated the New York Auto Show this year. New offerings from Lincoln, Hyundai, Mazda and many others were unveiled as the auto industry shifts more towards crossovers.

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I Just Wanted An Oil Change

After my road trip to Myrtle Beach, I realized I needed an oil change, and the promise of a tournament in South Jersey the following weekend, and a week filled with catching up on schoolwork and my job, meant that I would have to find a place locally to get this done, instead of getting it done at my mechanic back home. I did my research, which involved a roughly 45-second long Google Search and tapped “Get Directions”.

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Spring Break in a Land-Yacht: My First REAL Road Trip

Under the cover of nightfall, a rousing band of 22 alcoholic intramural ultimate frisbee players set off on the team’s annual pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach, SC. Armed with nothing more than a fleet of cars, a wide range of music, and a dream. While other cars in the fleet consisted of a new Ford Explorer and a newer Chevy Colorado, the oldest vehicle in the fleet was my darling, Rhonda, my trusty 2003 tan Buick.

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Did The Americans Miss The Boat On Sedans?

With Subaru unveiling the new 2020 Legacy in Chicago, and the plethora of other Japanese sedans all getting updated within the last two years, I feel like the American automakers really missed the boat by jumping out of the sedan market entirely (A few models withholding).

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